About Us

ValtusCraft has history dating back to 2011. We started as a clueless group of friends playing in an empty world. Over the past few years we have come a long way in making a better, more well-rounded server environment. It's a casual atmosphere for those looking to play for fun.


Our Basic Rules

As a server we only have four main guidelines for you, the players. They are listed below and enforced by our staff.

  • Be Polite

  • No Stealing

  • No Modding

  • No Griefing

We reserve the right to ban players at any time.

The Details

Our server is hosted outside of Chicago, IL, USA and is designed to run 24/7 so that your gameplay will not be interrupted. Feel free to hop on anytime you like!

ValtusCraft uses plugins powered by Spigot.
Please visit the plugins list for more information.

We also offer a TeamSpeak server for those interested in communicating via voice. Click the button below to learn more:

Interested in the geeky server specs?